As you already know, through individual care, my clients’ health and success are my first priorities. I enjoy taking time for YOU individually and especially NOW I want to be there for YOU. Since personal support in my practice is currently not an option for some people, effective immediately, I am offering coaching online or by phone.

Everything is possible if you are looking for solutions, and I have found them and implemented them for my clients. If YOU want to know more about the latest developments at Best You, don't wait. Contact me today and make an appointment.

I am here for you and look forward to your success!

Individual and only for YOU!

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Tired of diets resulting in a yo-yo effect? Looking for more lightness and well-being long-term? Want to be your BEST YOU? You're in the right place!

Welcome to Best You. Your holistic coaching center for nutrition, fitness and health! Through the physiological and type-specific nutritional concept of healthy balance, I use a medically proven procedure to identify the foods your metabolism needs. Be YOUR best you - healthy, balanced, vital, and happy - with Best You.


Current Informations for you! BEST YOU Coaching
Best You One-Year Coaching

Your way to more health & vitality & zest for life, through the unique individual concept and year-long intensive support.

  • individual health concept in the areas of nutrition, exercise and relaxation with professional support, long-term – for the period of one year
  • Monthly metabolic measurements for success control with consultation
  • Two individual detox plans - 28 DAYS LIFE CHANGE Plan 1 + 2 and Vitality Box
  • 2 personalized diet plans WEIGHT LOSS or HEALTH PLAN following the 28 DAYS LIFE CHANGE Plan
  • Stress analysis with professional HRV measurement and counseling at the beginning and for regular performance monitoring - active stress management, early detection of burnout and a visible increase in performance
  • Personalized Smovey training session
  • 8 weeks free training at Outdoor Nation Westpfalz
  • Free health & nutritional information through lectures
  • Participate in exclusive Best You Coaching events
  • Regular tips via the 'Best You Coaching WhatsApp Group'
  • Coupons from various companies

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Gift Certificates
p>Give the gift of health.

Give a gift certificate for the following:

  • Metabolic Analysis
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Stress management
  • Personal Coaching
  • Smovey exercise course

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Natural movements in a healthy way full of fun and effectiveness

Natural movements in a healthy way full of fun and effectiveness With my individual movement concept and the Smovey training device, I will lead you back to a healthy, soothing and fun-loving movement. Experience for yourself how you can feel more powerful and vital in no time, how back and muscle pain improves and you lose weight while having fun! Smoveys are 2 green plastic rings with four steel balls inside that create a vibration that works into the deep muscles. This triggers sensory-motor and neuronal stimuli that have a positive effect on muscles, tissues and organs and the nervous system. The use of this unique health sports equipment is very diverse - when for example, smovey walking exercises are combined with walking.

The incredible SMOVEY story can be found here!

Your advantages:

  • Activates the muscles = fat burning
  • Tightens the connective tissue
  • Mobilizes the digestive system
  • Promotes metabolism
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Strengthens cardiovascular system

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Corporate Health Management

Vital on the job

With a corporate health management tailored to the needs of your employees, you not only sustainably reduce time lost due to illness, but also increase the efficiency of your company. An investment, which has a positive effect on the overall working climate and, which also promotes loyalty. I would be happy to accompany your company in the planning and implementation of measures in the context of corporate health management. I support you and your employees with seminars, workshops, courses or individual coaching for health-conscious behavior and more movement to inspire.

Workshops / lectures

With various workshops or lectures, I support your company and give your employees new impulses for a more sustainable way of dealing with their health. In line with the needs of your employees, I offer specialist lectures and workshops on nutrition, exercise and, relaxation. Take an 'active lunch break' for example, for more proactive prevention of back pain and tension in the workplace.

Your advantages:

  • Individually tailored to the needs of your employees concepts
  • You reduce the sickness of your employees
  • The productivity of healthy and active employees has been proven to be better
  • Team building is promoted through joint activities of the employees
  • Efficient employees become aware of their company
  • Their employees perceive a stronger and longer-term identification with the company as a result of their entrepreneurial readiness for care
  • tax benefits

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Testimonials from my clients

This is what my clients say

  • Sonja
    In November 2018, I met Best You at an info night. I have had rheumatoid arthritis since 2009 and fibromyalgia since 2014. I had to take very strong medications such as chemo, cortisone, amitryptilin (anti-depressives), water tablets, etc. and finally even morphine to endure the pain. Even a hospital stay in the pain clinic was necessary. I could barely handle my housework, almost could not walk anymore.

    It was just nothing left. Now, just six months later, I'm feeling better than I have felt for a long time. Through the metabolic analysis, which was very bad at the time and the complete change in diet, I managed to feel totally fit again. I was able to get off of almost all my medication and my doctor is also totally excited, because my blood levels are all back to normal, which was not the case before. Meanwhile, I have lost a lot of weight.

    I can do my housework normally again and the best thing is, I am currently pain free and that after 10 years.  I can even realize my dream as a singer now. I was given a second life by Best You. Dear Michèle, I would like to thank you, thank you for supporting me so much, and thank you that I feel so great today. You are a very special person for me who has her heart in the right place. I hope and wish that many people who may have the same problems as I or just do not feel well in their own body take this opportunity. I strongly recommend it.  
    -14 kg, -21cm waist, -10 cm hips
  • Anja
    From the get-go Michele was very likeable. I myself am a very positive person and that's how I got to know her, which spurred my motivation tremendously. My goal of losing about 20 kg, she estimated a duration of 3-4 months, which I did not really take seriously, because it seemed unrealistic to me. The results were quickly apparent and regular exercise helped to melt the pounds. Just before Christmas I had reached my goal of being 22.4 kg lighter. I still can’t believe it, as it went so fast. I have always felt I was in good hands with Michele. When problems or questions arose, she was always there for me.
    -22,4 kg, -13 cm waist, -10 cm hips in 18 weeks
  • Maureen
    after 4 weeks - I started with the program, 4weeks ago and already lost 3 kilos, along with 3cm off my waist and hips. All with no exercise, due to my hectic work use at schedule moment, so I know that once the exercise starts again, the weight will drop even faster and I'll feel even better. Michele is always there for me with advice and great ideas to help me through for a better way of life

    after 12 weeks: It's official! After just 3 months on this program, I'm down 5 kilos, 10 cm off my waist and 6 cm off my hips. I'm feeling better than I have in a long time and I've gone from "slow burner" to "mixed burner". All this with minimal exercise, all the while knowing that with more movement, the results will improve more so. And yes, even had some "cheat" days, so if I can do it, anyone can...... Now looking forward to my next phase of maintenance and further improvement. I'm not ever going to be an athlete, but can't beat the way I'm feeling right now. Pure motivation today!
  • Markus

    I'm excited about the changes that are possible, alone by an adapted diet, that it is not just a program for everyone, but Michele really takes the time and individually cares for her clients. It was important to me first to make an impression myself before recommending it to others

    after 28 days: -7 Kg, -9cm waist, -7% body fat
  • Sandra

    For me, it was not easy, but it was worth it. My dress fits again, I sleep better and I have more vitality

    after 28 days: -10 kg, -17 cm waist, -7cm hip
  • Tina

    I'm so excited! I never thought it would be so easy. Above all, I have a lot more stamina

    after 28 days: -10 Kg, -17 cm waist, -8cm hips
  • Beate

    My primary goal when I started with Best You, was LOSING WEIGHT.... - I have already done well - with delicious dishes and without starving. But what has become more important to me, I've had no more migraine attacks since that time. And anyone who knows migraines knows what I'm talking about. In addition, I generally feel healthier and happier. Many Thanks

    after 28 days: -6.2 kg, -10cm waist, -6cm hips, After 12 weeks: -10.6kg, -17cm waist, -10 cm hip
  • Edelgard

    I lost 12.4 kg in 3 months. My waist circumference is 12 cm smaller. I am down 2 dresses sizes. That feels great. I feel much better and have become much more self-confidence. I can cross my legs again. People become attentive and approach me, which is a good feeling. But the best part is that my doctor has reduced my diabetic medication by 3 tablets. The change in diet was not difficult for me. I exercise 3 times a week. I still want to lose 10 kg. I want to and will succeed!

  • Edith

    Thanks to Best You, my stomach and I are doing really well! The right choice of foods by blood type and metabolic testing helped me make my life better again

  • Kerstin

    This change in my diet was a good decision. I was able to reduce my blood pressure medication. I no longer feel tired and drained after eating. Likewise, with the app, I can always quickly get to the recipes, and the personal support was very helpful when I was at a low point. I will recommend this to every good friend


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The 3 main pillars of our health!

Best You stands for healthy nutrition, exercise and relaxation. All three areas are responsible for enabling us to live healthier, more energetic and happier lives.

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